Berlin Employee Receives Award of Excellence from Clark Construction

May 2016

We would like to congratulate our General Foreman Kurt Decatur and his crew at The Museum of the Bible Project. He was given an Award of Excellence by Clark Construction. This project has not been easy by no means.  Kurt's dedication to his work and respect to their schedule has shown our customer just how good we are. We still have a lot of work to do on this project and I am sure Kurt will continue his commitment to excellence.


Fabrication Shop Upgrades


Over the past year we have been able to make several improvements to our Pillar Enterprises, Ltd. facility in White Post, VA.  These improvements include upgrading the old lighting to new and efficient LED lights, upgraded ventilation,  improved circulation and evacuation of smoke from the shop working areas. We enclosed some of the facility that was previously open. The highlight of these upgrades was the addition of a new robotic CNC plasma cutting system that allows us to load the beam on the in-feed conveyor and input a part file from the detailing software. The robot calculates the cutting path and sequence, moves the beam into position, and starts making all the needed cuts and features. It starts at one end of the beam and works to the other end, making all the cuts in one pass, this allows the facility to fabricate more structural steel in less space.  The facility has also added several new employees. This group has come together very well and is producing structural steel for projects in all of our markets.


Andrew Hernandez Takes Home Top Honors at Outstanding Apprentice Competition

October 1, 2014

Congratulations to Andrew Hernandez for the great accomplishment of 1st place winner in the National Outstanding Ironworker Apprentice Competition!  The competition held every two years, was in Toronto this past weekend and consisted of eight different competitions - written test, use of layout Instruments, welding, burning, knot tying, rod tying, ornamental and the column climb.

Andrew came on board with Berlin Steel in August of 2012 and has been a real asset to our DC-Baltimore Division.

1st Place Ironworker Apprentice - Andrew Hernandez, Local 5 - Washington, DC

Employer – Berlin Steel

Meeting the Demand for Student Housing

September 4, 2014

The Berlin Steel Construction Company of Malvern, PA to supply and erect both the structural steel and precast hollow core slabs for 220 Rowan Boulevard.  The 6-story 316,500 SF structure is one of the largest buildings to utilize the Girder-Slab® System.