Company History

1873 – 1900
Company first established as the Metallic Shingle Company of East Berlin producing metal shingles.  Taking advantage of opportunities during the American industrial revolution the company transitioned into the Corrugated Metal Company and later became the Berlin Iron Bridge Company.  By the end of the century the Berlin Iron Bridge Company was a dominant corporation operating in East Berlin, Ct, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

The American Bridge division of U.S. Steel acquires Berlin Iron Bridge and three executives, Daniel E. Bradley, George H. Sage and Seymour N. Robinson break away and form The Berlin Construction Company.  Daniel E. Bradley becomes first President of The Berlin Construction Company.

The first contract for The Berlin Construction Company is signed for a powerhouse in New Rochelle, NY and Fabrication begins from their leased plant in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. In October of 1901, property was purchased in Berlin, CT where the new fabrication facility and head office for The Berlin Construction Company would be located.

The Berlin Construction Company begins fabricating in Berlin, CT.

George H. Sage takes over as President of The Berlin Construction Company.  Prospering through the early years of the century, The Berlin Construction Company recognized the increasing need for structural steel in building construction and began shifting its emphasis from the lenticular (steel arch) bridges, to providing structural steel and construction services for a variety of industrial structures and buildings.

On December 29, 1916 the official certificate of incorporation in the state of Connecticut was signed.

Charles F. Chase takes over as President.  During his tenure, products such as Folding Scaffold Brackets and Steel Road Scrapers were designed and produced for sale to the construction industry.  The Berlin Construction Company also provided steel on projects for companies such as Eastern Conn Power (Now CL&P), Narragansett Electric and Yale University establishing business relationships that exist even today. Surviving through the great depression and World War II, Chase’s Tenure was marked by tough times and challenging victories.

Albert H, Schilling takes over as President and reorganizes the company with five partners, George B. Taylor, Clarence B. Baldwin, Clarence A. Johnson, Howard W. Smith and Paul A. Stahl.  Growing in the boom that followed the War The Berlin Construction Company broke new ground in steel fabrication and building techniques such as switching from hot driven rivets to high strength bolts in 1955.

Clarence B. Baldwin takes over as President marking his 52nd year with The Berlin Construction Company.  Clarence spent his entire career with the company from 1907 until he died in 1981 at the age of 96 and is noted for his dedication and leadership.


Shop additions were made to accommodate a large Thomas punch.  Another addition was made to even up the fabrication bays.  Belting and shafting were gradually removed as machines were converted to individual operation.  Boilers were replaced with purchased power eliminating the need for the boiler room crews working around the clock.  Finally, a paint shop was added allowing painting to be done under cover in any weather.

The Berlin Construction Company changes its name to The Berlin Steel Construction Company to better reflect its main functions of fabricating and erecting structural steel.

Clarence A Johnson takes over as President of The Berlin Steel Construction Company.  Under Clarence, The Berlin Steel Construction Company expands its erecting services to erect structural steel for other firms.  Further expansion provided for erecting of all kinds of metal siding, metal roofing and floor forms, pre-stressed concrete beams, etc.  While most of the products remain in New England, an occasional project is shipped to other parts of the country and as far as Chile.

The Berlin Steel Construction Company prepares to celebrate 75 years in business.  They now employ 120 workers and fabricate 6,000 tons of structural steel per year.

Kenneth C Streeter takes over as President and The Berlin Steel Construction Company becomes an Employee Owned Company.  This fosters a sense of ownership from the employees which improves productivity, profitability and morale.  In addition, continued reinvestment into the company assured financial stability in all market conditions.  While under Kenneth Streeter, The Berlin Steel Construction Company expands its product line to include reinforcing rods for concrete construction.   

Edward T. Jednorowicz takes over a President.

Carl A Johnson takes over as President.

The Berlin Steel Construction Company acquires Curtainwalls and Windows, Inc. (CWI), a specialty contractor founded in 1987.  CWI specializes in curtainwall, windows, and ornamental metal.  They also perform both new and restorative work.

The fabrication of structural steel and miscellaneous metals were moved from Berlin, CT to Virginia.  Berlin Steel opened FEI (structural) in Natural Bridge Station and Pillar (miscellaneous) in Winchester.  The change of location has made Berlin more competitive in its traditional Connecticut/ Northeast markets, and created a strong presence in the mid-Atlantic area.  Simultaneously, regional offices were opened in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania transforming the company into a regional player.

The Berlin Steel Construction Company opens a regional office in Maryland to specifically target Washington DC and Baltimore MD.  Greater focus is made toward design build services in integrated concrete and steel parking structures and high rise buildings.  At the same time, The Berlin Steel Construction Company invest heavily into expansion of its resource network identifying several strategic partners who’s products and services compliment the future development plans of the company.

David E. Hunt takes over as President.  The Berlin Steel Construction Company expands deeper into the upstate and Western New York region providing service from Maine to Virginia and west to the Great Lakes.

The Berlin Steel Construction Company’s reputation was built by living up to its commitments and through upholding the time honored values of integrity, safety, and quality workmanship.  Building on these values The Berlin Steel Construction Company incorporates technologically advanced production systems and leading edge employee training to guarantee the best quality products delivered, and installed safely and on time.  The Berlin Steel Construction Company proactively supports development of new techniques and regulations necessary to keep the steel industry growing and is always open to new and exciting ideas.